The Therapeutic Unit

The therapeutic unit is a service that the village provides, for the residents who, in addition to the educational process, need personal accompaniment, additional attention, as well as emotional care, including, if necessary, psychiatric follow-up.

  • An accompanying social worker for each grade
  • A social worker works closely with each grade, facilitating therapeutic educational groups for the students, for the purpose of expanding introspection, self-awareness, thinking about change and for measures of self-improvement, as well as in accordance with educational
  • advisory programs, in accordance with the CEO’s guidance.
  • Training teams work in the village, for the purpose of expanding the ability to focus on the unique needs of each student.
  • Emotional therapy – psychotherapy.
  • Treatment of arts and movement.
  • Therapeutic mentoring.
  • Parenting classes and workshops related to adolescence.
  • Psychiatric follow-up as needed.

Experienced social workers who specialize in psychotherapy and family therapy, an arts and movement therapist, a clinical psychologist, and an accompanying psychiatrist work in the treatment unit, located in a warm and inviting building.

The treatment unit is managed by Ms. Lior Carmeli, a clinical psychologist specializing in children and youth, psychotherapist, therapist, and certified parenting instructor. Postgraduate students specializing in social work and non-verbal therapies also take part in the unit’s activities.