Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

The Executive Committee outlines the organization’s vision and establishes the organizational policy. Among the duties of the committee: approval of an annual work plan, setting and approving the budget, planning versus execution, raising resources for the association’s activities, running committees, and more. The founders of the association are the Jewish Agency and the Hadassah women and each of them has 3 representatives on the committee.


Chair of the Excecutive Committee – Einat Reich

In her personal and public work, Einat emphasizes the world of education as a leading tool for creating equal opportunities for at-risk students, who come from a background of poverty and personal crises that hinder the realization of their personal potential.

“My ambition is that all the students can enjoy themselves and feel safe and supported while  learning and developing in various fields of interest, in a charming village setting , whose values of environment, innovation, entrepreneurship and love of people characterize it”.

Barbara Goldstein – Hadassah Women

Deputy CEO of the Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization  in Israel, board member of the World Zionist Organization, board member of the National Fund for Israel, board member of the Meir Shfeyah Youth Village.

Suzanne Patt Benvenisti

Excecutive Director  of the Hadassah Women’s Organization, Israel Offices starting January 2023.

Eli Wagner – The Hadassah Women

A representative of the Hadassah organization in the youth villages -Shfeyah  (Chairman), Neurium, Ramat Hadassah and Kiryat Yaarim and on the board of the Hadassah Hospital.

Yehuda Stone – The Jewish Agency

Deputy Director of the Jewish Agency for Israel. In his role, he leads the implementation of the organization’s strategy, the development and operation of the various programs, and he supervises all the content units and representations of the Jewish Agency around the world spread out in 66 countries. As part of his role, he manages the Ukraine operations. Before that, he served as the director of the missionar?  unit and founded the missionary ?school.

Yehuda is one of the founders of the Extension Scouting program which integrates youth with special needs into the Scout movement. He has held various management positions in the past 15 years and is currently a volunteer and board member in several non-governmental organizations dealing with education, Zionism, and support for underprivileged populations. Yehuda graduated with a master’s degree from the Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies at the University of Haifa and holds a bachelor’s degree in management and human resources from the College of Management.

Yehuda Feinberg – The Jewish Agency

Serving as director of the budgets and economics department at the Jewish Agency.,Yehuda has over 30 years of experience in financial management, budget management and financial planning. Among other things, Yehuda served as the director of the budgets and economics department at Nice Systems and Pelephone Communications, as well as CFO at Kadimastem, a biotechnology company that develops drugs for various serious diseases. Yehuda has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Rutgers University in New Jersey and a master’s degree in business administration from the Hebrew University, with specializations in finance and marketing.

Liel Harel – The Jewish Agency, Observer

Municipality Tax and Education Fund Properties Manager, Assets Management Division Jewish Agency for Israel. Liel has 15 years of experience in the field of managing public buildings, which includes representing the US, Canadian and Keren Hayesod funds in such buildings in Israel. In the past, she served as the director of Education and Employment Affairs to encourage immigration from Eastern and Western Europe and the director of financial affairs in the finance department of the Jewish Agency for Israel. Liel graduated with a  B.A., MBA in Business Administration, and a specialization in international management, with high honors, at the Center for Academic Studies and holds the position of director of the Educational and Cultural Institutions Company in Holon (Khalat).

Public Representatives

Mickey Dahav

Mikey Dahav, born in Israel, is CEO of the Israel Philharmonic Foundation. In her previous position, CEO of the Israeli Spirit. She has 15 years of experience in management positions in social organizations, a lecturer on civil society participation in activities for society. As part of her activities, she is a member of the board of directors in the youth villages of Ramat Hadassah, Ben Yakir, and Hadassah Neurim. An architect by training and profession, she graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture from the University of Westminster London – and an MBA degree with an emphasis on environment and sustainability from Ono Academic College.

Attorney Noya Seversky Sofer

Attorney Noya Seversky Sofer is a director, CEO, strategic consultant and a sought-after international lecturer on innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology commercialization. She served as vice president at the pharmaceutical giant Novartis, as a partner in leading venture capital funds in the US and Israel, as CEO of implementation and as a director in industrial, public, and private hi-tech companies. Volunteers as a member of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees at the Ruppin Academic Center and the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academy and a member of the Board of Directors at the Peres Chaim Association and leads “Directorates Leading Change”, a voluntary, non-political group that brings together 200 boards of directors in government and public companies working for gender balance in boards and senior positions.


Anat Nehemiah Lavi

Anat Nehemiah Lavi, born in Israel and mother of three children, lives with her family in Gani Tikva. In her current position, she serves as the CEO of Edmond de Rothschild Partnerships, an organization that leads the development of young and diverse leadership in the periphery. Throughout her life, Anat works even harder to advance Israeli society, and to advance disadvantaged populations and reduce social gaps. Anat’s diverse work has had (and continues to have) a significant impact on society.


Sharon Barzik Cohen

Sharon Barzik Cohen, Partner and Chief Financial Officer at Kumara Capital, since May 2021 as Partner and Chief Operating Officer. Before Komra, Sharon was the CFO of the storage division at Dell EMC in Israel, after previously serving as the CFO of XtremIO which was acquired by EMC in 2012, in one of the most successful acquisitions in the Israeli Tech market at that time. After Dell’s acquisition of EMC, Sharon held several financial and operational roles in the storage division, oversaw large global finance teams around the world, and was a member of the Dell Israel leadership team. Prior to this term, Sharon was the CFO of N-trig, a developer of transparent electromagnetic digitization for the portable computer market, which was acquired by Microsoft, and the CFO of RadioTel, a leading network company offering next-generation SDH/Sonet network solutions.

Sharon graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, with high honors, and a master’s degree in business administration with honors, both from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Eli Ben Eliezer

Dr.  Ben Eliezer is a personal and business coach, and organizational and leadership consultant. He is a Technion Ph.D graduate in resource development for training engineers and managers. He has a varied, rich and successful career in management and consulting in business and public companies, in international, governmental and municipal organizations.

Yair Avidan

Yair Avidan held various positions in several banks in Israel and in his last position he served as a supervisor of the banks. He began his professional career as an economist and credit officer in the business division at Bank Leumi and as a credit officer at Bank Leumi in New York. After that he served as a senior transaction manager in capital markets practice. He is a graduate of the Department of Economics at Tel Aviv University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics with honors, then he graduated with a master’s degree in business administration and another master’s degree in education administration and leadership with honors. On top of that, Avidan is a graduate of the Advanced Management Course (AMP) at Harvard University.


Attorney Richie Roberts

Attorney Richard Roberts, one of the founders of Sheblat & Co., is a senior partner on the firm’s executive board, and serves as co-director of the corporate, mergers and acquisitions and private equity department.

Pro bono

  • Chairman of the board of directors of another class, a non-profit organization engaged in the education of children in need of care;
  • Honorary secretary-member of the Ramat Hadassah and Kiryat Yaarim youth villages, which operate boarding schools for 7th to 12th grade children from families in need of care;
  • Honorary legal advisor in the Israeli spirit – the United Israel Attorney;
  • Member of the executive committee of DocAviv, the Tel Aviv documentary film festival;

and more.

Yigal Hebroni – Ombudsman of the Youth Village

Attorney Yigal Hebroni,is  the legal advisor of the village, for about 15 years. An advocate for about 30 years; Owner of a law office in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Dr. Gilad Ahronovitz

Vice President of Risk Management Bank Hapoalim. Chairman of the audit committee and the tourism project. General Assembly member.