Educational Business Community

In recent years, a reality has been revealed that overwhelms the difficulties experienced by high school graduates in youth villages in the transition to independent life. In the absence of parental support (both financial and emotional), which accompanies the graduate in the formative moments of their lives  (recruitment to the IDF, academic studies, choosing a profession, financial independence), the graduate experiences real difficulties in integrating into adult society.

For the project, we partnered with the Another Lesson Association, which engages citizens from the business and public sector, with various professions, in experiential enrichment activities in schools that serve populations with few opportunities, as well as combining volunteers as teaching supporters. The students, who usually have not been exposed in their daily lives to diverse careers, meet with  a variety of graduates in professions including public servants, lawyers, engineers, economists, media people and other. These students  get to know the world of employment, diverse professions, and role models.

Through this we provide a professional and supportive environment, to make volunteering meaningful and effective while providing training, enrichment programs and hundreds of professional and experiential lesson plans.

Hadassah Neurim” in collaboration with Another Lesson are launching an innovative initiative in the youth villages, in which the village’s students are given an opportunity for change and growth through three volunteer programs, in which they can integrate with the employees of the companies located right here in the village.