• Dormitory centre: Slava Novak
  • e-mail:
  • phone: 052-4601130

Room types and rental prices:

3 shared dormitory buildings.
Double room, room for 3, room for 4.

The price includes electricity expenses, property tax, water, internet, 3 meals.
Each dormitory building also has a washing machine, kitchenette, and television.
The price ranges from – NIS 1,400 per month to NIS 1,900 per month (depending on the structure).

Criteria for eligibility to live in dormitories: are eligible to live in full-fledged student dormitories in the technology reserve courses, at the discretion of the admissions committee.

Criteria for prioritizing residence eligibility for new students:

The distance of the residence from the college.
Participation in a unique national program in the technological reserve.
Students from the NAALE program, who live abroad.

For continuing students, entering the 14th grade, the following criteria are added:

A positive opinion of the dormitory center on the conduct of the dormitory in the previous year.
Academic achievements.
Volunteering/social involvement.

How to fill out the form and when to submit it

The registration form must be filled out in clear handwriting and all the required details must be entered completely and accurately.

On page 2 of the form, read the statement and sign according to the instructions.

The application form and the student’s ID card (including an appendix) must be scanned using the CS camera scan application and sent to the email:

Applying for a scholarship to help with living in the college dormitories

Students with significant financial difficulties can apply for an aid scholarship. All scholarships are conditional on the willingness to perform volunteering activities.
Dormitory funding scholarship application form at the following link: Application form for living in a dormitory or by contacting the email:
An application without attaching all the required documents will not be discussed before the committee.

Admission to the dormitory

Acceptance is conditional on signing a contract, arranging payment, and depositing a deposit in total: NIS 400.

The dormitory center will personally contact the registrants and inform them if they have been accepted to the dormitory.

Registrants will receive a printed contract from the dormitory center which they will sign in two original copies. One copy will remain with the student.

The payment of the rent will be made through a bank transfer/credit card payment, and this is on the condition that the payment of the tuition to the college has been arranged.

Deadline for transfer of signed contracts and payment arrangements (direct order / credit card details): 07/14.

At any time, the student will be able to receive a draft contract. A tour of the dormitory will take place before the signing of the contract in coordination with Slava Novak, the coordinator of the dormitory.

Contact with us

Phone: *9621
Address: Hadassah Neurim Youth Village