Xo7039 Here we go again!

Xo7039 Here we go again!

We are proud of the village robotics group XO 7039.

This year, the First team consists of 45 students, 10 of which are girls, the team includes new immigrants, NAALE students, and Israeli born students. At the beginning of the year, the members of the team met twice a week, and starting in January, from the moment they received the assignment, they meet every day until the wee hours of the night.

They are divided into work teams – mechanics, electronics, media, drafting, programming, and drivers. The group has about ten mentors who

guide the students professionally and thoughtfully. The village embraces the project and directs the resources to the success of the group. This year the group is placed among the ten best teams in Israel, the team has presented impressive achievements throughout all the competitions but despite this we didn’t manage to get to the worldwide competition in Houston.

The team continues the off-season and conduct admission tests are held for the young students who will join the team next year.

Bar, the representative of the supporting staff, share his experience from this season:

last week we participated in IDCMP. We arrived at the competition ready and focused after months of planning, building, and testing the robot. And we showed impressive capabilities both in terms of robot engineering and teamwork.

The competition presented us with several significant challenges. Among other things, we had to deal with technical faults, time pressure and tough competition from other teams. Despite the challenges, we finished the competition ranked 17th in Israel.

Thanks a lot to the leaders of our alliance @5614 Sycamore and the second choice @6104 Deserteagles. From our participation in the competition, we learned a lot about teamwork, problem solving, creative thinking and dealing with stress.

See you next season and we send good luck to all the Israeli teams that represent us in Houston.