Renovation of a shelter thanks to the Hadassah Women Organization

On behalf of the students, our team and the entire village, we want to express our sincere and deep gratitude for the generous donation from the Hadassah women organization that allowed us to renovate completely the shelter. After the difficult Black Saturday, there was an urgent need to renew and improve the conditions of the shelter in order to ensure a safe and comfortable space for our students and the village staff.

Thanks to the quick mobilization of the women of Hadassah who recognized the importance of creating a protected space suitable for a prolonged stay including the possibility of lodging, thus ensuring the survival of the village’s tenants in any situation. The renovation included assembling kitchens, laying a new floor, installing a modern electrical system, installing new doors, upgrading the plumbing system, full painting, installing new lighting fixtures, and advanced air filtration systems.

The activity spaces were designed and equipped in a way that would allow dual use in times of peace and in times of war.

We are expected to hold leisure time activities with the students in the spaces on a regular basis. We hope that we will not need a shelter soon, but thanks to this donation we will be ready for any accidents.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for the wonderful support and touching gesture. It inspires and encourages us to continue our important educational path.