From Neurim to the Israeli Knesset

In December, a special discussion was held in the Knesset that dealt with the issue of young people without a family living in Israel during emergency situations.

The youth village was represented by Neta Daskel – the director of the adult sector of our village and Rachel Kashtanova, a graduate of the village who came to share her experience as a young woman without family support in Israel.

The purpose of the discussion was to bring to the agenda of the Knesset the mental and economic situation of young people without family support, which has worsened since the beginning of the war.

We were happy for the opportunity to participate in such an important discussion together with people with key positions and convey to them the need for government support for young people without a family background at this time.

The graduates’ field was established to provide the graduates of the village with guidance and assistance before and after the army, help with employment, scholarships for academic studies and whatever the graduate would like to do later in life.