Graduates Event

In January we held a graduate event at the village’s surfing center for everyone who graduated in the last 5 years. The event included a surfing activity, a festive lunch, and an exciting meeting with the guides from the past.

Over 40 graduates from recent years came to the event, the sun came out in their honor, and some went down to surf, some stayed to catch up and took pictures, then everyone gathered for a delicious lunch.

We also made sure to bring our photographer, Nadav, who is himself a graduate of the village, to document the exciting event. There was a happy and excited atmosphere.

Our 12th graders who are instructors at the surfing center helped to conduct the event and this created a nice connection between the students and the graduates. It was a great opportunity for the staff to meet the graduates face to face and hear about their journey after leaving the village.

It seems that all of them are succeeding in the way they chose for themselves, and it was felt how important it is to maintain their connection with the village. The event was significant at this time of the year, and it was felt that the meeting was just in time for the graduates.