Management Team

עמי מגן מנהל הכפר
Ami Magen – Village Manager

Ami’s  motto is:

“After all, we can only drink from the half-full glass”

(Shalom Shamai, of blessed memory)

Ami came to us in 2018 after managing the boarding school Mvo’at Ya” and during this period he also served as the chairman of the Boarding School Directors’ Forum. Ami came to Hadassah Neurim Youth Village together with his wife Mittal and their three children.

Ami loves the country and warmly embraces its people, is proud to be Israeli and cherishes the privilege he has been given to influence young people’s lives. He sees his work as a deep mission to provide a solid foundation to every child in the State of Israel, so they may realize their full potential and their dreams.  

Ami holds a master’s degree in education systems management and a teaching certificate  from Haifa University.

Yehuda Atias – School Principal

Yehuda’s motto is:

 “Every child needs one adult to believe in them”.

(Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach)

Yehuda came to us after running the Ben-Gurion Educational complex in Emek Hefer  (Ruppin) and before that he ran the middle school at the Yarkon school in the South Sharon Regional Council.

In 2010 he retired from the IDF with the rank of lieutenant colonel, and in his last position he commanded a battalion at the officers’ school (Bahad 1).

In his educational concept, Yehuda believes in cultivating moral graduates, with knowledge and skills that will enable them to combine their personal and national identity, to develop as independent and responsible people, who contribute to their community, society, and the country.

Yehuda sees his work in the Hadassah Youth Village as a mission and closes the circle as a student in the Aloni Yitzhak Youth Village.

Yehuda graduated from Avni Rosha’s executive training program and has a master’s degree in public policy.

In the current school year, Yehuda is deepening his educational management training within the framework of Avni Rasha’s top-of-the-line program.

Tomer Honigman – Director of the Boarding School

Tomer’s motto is:

“If I don’t have me – who is mine? And when I am for myself – what am I? And if not now – when?” Tractate Pirkei Avot 1 14

Tomer comes to us after a decade in boarding school, during which he was an instructor at the Youth Village Kiryat Yaarim and the deputy director of a boarding school and coordinator of a class at the Youth Village Maboa Yam. Tomer believes in the youth village as a place where every child can realize the best in them, grow in a value-oriented way and be exposed to new fields and people.

Tomer believes in education through personal example, perseverance, authenticity, and modesty. Tomer is a major in the IDF reserves, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in education systems management and a teaching certificate in special education. Lives in the village and does the educational mission together with his wife Tamar and their two children.

Liat Aharon – Vice Chief Operating Officer

Liat’s motto:  

“Education = way of life”

“Education for doing, leads to a graduate with an optimal picture of the future, equipped with the tools to integrate successfully in any framework to which the student wishes  to belong.”

Liat came to us after years of managing large industrial factoriesShe has extensive experience in the field of management and projects. Liat works to maintain the quality of the residential buildings, as well as the study, and leisure facilities available to the village students and the educational staff,.  Liat’s goal is to improve the children’s experience and taking care of their well-being.

Liat is a resident of the village and a graduate of Eshel Hanasi.

Shiri Wallerstein – Director of Marketing, External Relations, and Resource Development

Shiri’s motto:  

“Teach your children to be human, to dream big dreams and to achieve real success.”

Shiri came to us with a rich background in the fields of strategy, marketing process management, community relations, human resources and more.

Shiri holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and anthropology from Bar Ilan University and a master’s degree in labor studies from Tel Aviv University.

Keren Maman, CPA – Finance Manager

Keren’s motto:

“Education is what remains when you forget all the things we learned in school” (Albert Einstein)

Keren came to us after about 20 years of experience in finance positions in companies and corporations in the business world and with an educational background that includes many years of activity in the scout movement, as tribal treasurer, and leadership treasurer.

Keren advocates for meaningful professional action while maintaining human relations, combined with valuable educational activity.

Keren is a certified CPA and has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration, as well as a teaching certificate – senior certified teacher.  She lives in Netanay with her husband and three children.