Studies and Enrichment

The village students have a wide and varied selection of extracurricular recreational clubs and groups quality groups in which they can take part, such as art, robotics, surfing, communication, and more!

At the beginning of the year, each group holds a club expo inviting students to learn about the clubs and groups and inviting them to participate. After that, the groups are closed and thus an exclusive, limited, and high-quality group is formed that enters the process from the beginning to the end of the year. Each group provides diverse tools to its members, and this with the help of regular meetings, activities, atmosphere, and formation.

Many students choose to continue within their particular club or group for more than one year, thereby passing on the knowledge they have gained to the new participants – in a youth-educating-youth method.

Educational Center

In the afternoon and evening, the Educational Center serves a night school with private lessons, learning in small groups, dedicated courses, and enrichment classes. The Center is managed by a senior staff member.

The purpose of the project is to provide learning skills to young students and advance their studies in preparation for external matriculation exams for senior students.

The Centre is open on Sundays – Tuesdays between the hours of 16.00-19.00 with the possibility of scheduling appointments on other days as well, according to the students’ requests.

Radio on the wave

3…2…1…. And go on air!

The “Radio Al HaGal” (“Radio on the Wave”) station is a station managed by the students living and studying in the village. Students who choose to take part in the group have the option of taking on different roles – content writing, program submission, sound, marketing, team management and more.

The trainees learn various tools from the world of communication and radio, along with a unique friendship forged in the group.

The Combat Fitness Team- in collaboration with “Hats Tabor”

The combat fitness team meets twice a week for strengthening and varied training. As part of the membership in the group, the students go on trips, consolidate, and gain a lot of experiences. Also, the team prepares the trainees for formations for the combat units of the IDF.

The Surfing Team – in cooperation with the “Hagal Sheli” association

In the village there is an educational surfing center in cooperation with the “Hagal Sheli” association, which specializes in making water sports accessible to teenagers. The village students who take part in the surfing team meet every week, learn about surfing, deepen their knowledge of the sea, and train in the sea.

Also, students who take part in the team have the option to go on a surfing instructor course, which gives them the opportunity to guide and lead the field of surfing to the new entrants.

The Athletic Team

Student Athletes meet every day for professional training in the various track and field events such as scrimmages, hammer throw, running javelin throw, and jumping. The trainees enter the various competitions in Israel and around the world and reach impressive achievements!

The Running Club

The members of the running club meet every week and train. The club participates in various competitions and marathons, as including the Tel Aviv Marathon.

The Soccer Team – in collaboration with the “Values in Sport” association

The members of the soccer team meet every week and undergo various trainings. The team goes to competitions of the “Values in Sport” league. Along with games and training, the participants acquire tools that develop leadership skills, social and group abilities.

The group is a lever for empowerment in other areas of the students’ lives.


Cycling Team – Riders with Stars – in collaboration with “The Israeli Spirit”

Our cycling team trains every week together with volunteers from the Israeli Spirit Association. The team members get in great physical shape, develop endurance, and build friendships together with the volunteers. Also, the team goes on trips to different places in Israel and experiences spectacular landscapes.

Young Instructors and Guides Team

The students of the village are allowed to go to the official Madzim (young instructors) course of the International Youth Sign! Students who take the course, instructors in various groups within the village such as – current affairs in the boarding school groups, screening days, the preparation camp, and more.

Instructors who wish to learn more about training and education and advance in the level of their position and responsibility, can go to the graduate instructors’ course.

Cruise Class – Israel at your Feet

Students meet weekly to develop field skills, navigation, orientation, and camping. Students go on ten field trips that will have preparation days that will deal with getting to know the trip area.

Theatre – Give your talent a stage!

In the theatre class, students we will learn the art of acting and the stage, primarily through improvisational games improve our to improve acting and improvisation skills.

During the year students attend professional workshops and put on several plays.

The Art Club – led by volunteer Rivka Ben Zvi

The art group meets every week and together they explore the world of art. The group knows artists and works, different techniques, and they also can experiment and create. In addition, the group goes on tours of museums, exhibitions, and galleries and attends professional workshops.

At the end of the year, there is an exhibition where the club’s students present the works they have worked on throughout the year.


The students of the village can take part in the activities of the scout group “Tamid”, located in Kadima Zoran. The campers go into action, go through activities, content, and create experiences. Also, for the senior levels, there is an option to go on a training course at the end of which the trainees receive an instructor certificate.

The students even take part in the various scouting activities such as the Passover trip!


Music and Sport – a Winning Combination

In this class students learn to move their bodies rhythmically according to the sounds of the music gaining aerobic training, Students also learn different dance styles: hip hop, modern, classical, etc.

The Village Band

The village band learns about the principles of voice development, practices, and creates in the musical language. The students perform covers of various songs and create a special friendship.

DJ Course – in collaboration with the association “Repeat Music”

Collaboration with the Nigun Rehearsal Association and the Dell company for a professional D.J course. As part of the course, the students learn how to record and manage the music played at events and parties.

After the qualification, the group goes out to record at various events, such as the Tel Aviv Marathon, gala events, and more. The group opens a gate to the world of music for students!

Baking Course

Come and discover the baking experience!

Students who are lovers of desserts and sweets, are invited to learn the secrets of baking and experience making pastries in the well-organized and rich farm kitchen. Students taste and develop baking talent.

The Kennel Club – In Collaboration with the Youth Village Kennel

The group meets every week at the rehabilitation kennel of our village. At the beginning of the year, a matching process is carried out between the student and the dog, and together they go through the process – from training the dog and its rehabilitation, to finding an adoptive home.

The students who take part in the group learn the secrets of caring for dogs, as well as learn how to approach and rehabilitate them.

Farm Class

Agricultural practice

Students gain experience and agricultural knowledge and get to know the unique living space in the village through the connection to nature, farm animals and agricultural work. Students engage in various projects in the fields of sustainability, soil work and connection to animals.

The Robotics Team – In Collaboration with the FIRST Program

The robotics team “XO 7039” is part of the FRC league of the global FIRST Program. The students on the team are divided among the different areas, such as programming, electronics, drawing, and more! The team goes to the various competitions of the league, and gains huge knowledge in the world of mechatronics and high-tech.

Youth Patrol

They get to know every part of Israeli society

The highlight of the collaboration is with the Siemens company and the “Spirit of Israel.” during the activities you will experience challenging trips outside the village throughout the country and face challenges in nature, navigate the terrain and learn to work in a team.

The Queen of the Village

In cooperation with the women of the community and the “Israeli Spirit” a dedicated group for village apprentices was established at the boarding school, which deals with developing leadership skills, identifying strengths and bringing them to fruition, female identity and empowering the individual in the boarding school space.

This group undergoes personal mentoring by female volunteers from the village community.

Excellence in Theatre

The project offers a professional theatre course with the best actors and theatre people. The participants will enjoy meetings and conversations with different actors, experimenting with a range of acting methods. Participants will also and produce a show at the conclusion of the school year.

* Admission to the course is conditional on auditions.

Excellence in Art

A diverse and professional art workshop that includes painting, photography, video art and installation. This is an excellent opportunity for talented students striving to develop and reach their personal expression through the arts.

* Admission tests will be held for those interested.

Writing Course

Students are invited to join a professional writing course and use their imagination in new ways to improve as writers and as human beings by listening to each other. At the end of the course, a booklet of stories of the course participants will be produced.

* Admission to the course is conditional upon the submission of an original work.

Ethiopian Sun

The Shemesh Ethiopian theatre company opens its doors to receive new applicants who want to learn and experience acting skills in front of a camera.

* Admission is conditional on auditions.

The Director’s Orchestra

The orchestra includes young people coming from 25 youth villages and the institutions of the Directorate for Settlement Education.
The conductor of the orchestra is Dr. Lev Erstein.