Facilities and Activity Spaces

Surfing Center

The Surfing Center is in collaboration with the “Hagal Sheli” association. The educational marine centre enables all youth village students to engage in water sports and to integrate informal marine education into the educational framework and agenda of the boarding school.

The Surfing Center has an open and special atmosphere, where the students can spend the hours after school enjoying the world of surfing and water sports.


In our Youth Village, a professional gym is located in the complex next to the sports hall. The gym is equipped with the best fitness equipment and operates throughout the week. The training in the gym takes place under the guidance of professional fitness trainers who personally know the students who come to the training.

Swimming Pool

In the village there is a semi-Olympic swimming pool that is open during the summer months.

National Centre for Athletics

  • National Athletics Stadium (advanced track record)
  • 2 soccer fields
  • Martial arts hall is air-conditioned and equipped
  • Semi-Olympic pool
  • 2 tennis courts. Tennis camps can be held during the Passover holiday and in the summer months
  • Advanced gym with changing rooms and toilets
  • Professional free weight rooms (National Weightlifting Center)
  • Extensive lawns
  • Hiking trails and challenging trails
  • Adjacent beach

The Youth Village Kennel

There is a band rehabilitation kennel in our Youth Village. At the kennel, the students learn to train the dogs, most of whom were found as strays and come with a background of various behavioural problems. The goal is to rehabilitate, train and socialize the dogs so they can be adoptable and integrate well into families.

The students who participate in the program learn both the theoretical aspect and the practical aspect of training and caring for dogs to arrive ready for the matriculation exam. The contact with the dogs is also beneficial for the students from a mental and behavioural point of view and with the help of the dogs they can themselves open up, solve problems, and make new friends (both two-legged as well as four-legged).

Living Space – Animal Sanctuary

The Living Space animal sanctuary at the Hadassah Neurim Youth Village covers about 5 dunams of land (roughly 5,000 square meters). The sanctuary is home to ferrets, a ringed python, a bearded chameleon, cats, voles, parrots (cockatoos, cockatiels, parakeets and lovebirds), doves, Sudanese turtles, an emu, ducks, chickens, guinea fowls, goats, ospreys, and a water turtle.

The essence of the space is to provide a home for wild animals that cannot return to the wild, animals rescued from the food industry and domesticated animals that have been abandoned. In the living space there are educational activities and educational and therapeutic projects relating to the human-animal relationship and animal welfare.

Visits to museums/shows


As part of the various activities in the village, there are exciting and valuable trips abroad, whether as a roots trip, or an empowering surfing experience, the children return from the trips full of experiences.

Robotics program

The FIRST youth team participates in competitions in Israel and around the world. Among other things, the students built a famous robot which was presented and won awards in Israel and around the world. FIRST is an international non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging young people to engage in science and technology.

The participation of Hadassah Neurim students in the FRC program is an outgrowth of the technological vision of the Youth Village. The vision of FRC is

“To create a world where science and technology are a celebration, a world where young people dream of being heroes of science and technology” Dean Cayman, founder.

FIRST is an international non-profit organization that was founded in the USA in 1992 by the entrepreneur and inventor Dean Kayman with the goal of allowing young people to discover the excitement and rewards of the fields of engineering, science, and technology, all through innovative robotics programs.


These programs that inspire children and teenagers, combine excitement, creativity and cultivate life skills including inner confidence, a sense of competence, the ability to work in a team, the ability to make decisions, experience in planning and managing resources, leadership skills, etc.

The great experience of FIRST reaches its peak in national and international robotics competitions, where the participants are highly regarded, improving self-confidence, making new connections, and sometimes even discovering their future career path.

This is the third year since the establishment of the FIRST team in the Hadassah Neurim Youth Village. In the first year, the team built the first robot and with it reached one of the first ten places and flew to Houston, Texas for the world championship, where it placed high among hundreds of outstanding teams from around the world and won the rookie award.

In the second year and in accordance with the competition rules, in January 2019 they built their second robot in just six weeks and began competing with it in local competitions.

The team was qualified for the first places in the Israel Championship and won 2 awards – an industrial design award and a safety award. The team participated in the World Championship in Detroit and reached the respectable 47th place out of 68 teams.

In 2020, the FIRST participants grew to 35. The team continues to strive for both technological excellence and kindess (according to the spirit of FIRST) and gain even more participants of both girls and boys.

Establishment of an FRC training ground in Hadassah for youth

This year, for the first time in Israel, a training ground for FRC robotics competitions was established in Hadassah Neurim Youth Village and boys and girls from all over the country will come to train on the field for the national competitions and the world championship. The establishment of the field will expose the students to their peers from all over the country, both socially and technologically.

The group is accompanied by a team of experienced volunteer mentors in the various fields (mechanics, electronics and electricity, software, marketing, project management, etc.).