Cultivating Outstanding Athletes

The program for developing outstanding athletes in Hadassah Neurim is unique in its scope and professional level, therefore requiring professionals with appropriate training and an adequate budget. To provide the trainees of the program with the optimal professional and educational response, we need donations and financial assistance from parties interested in contributing to the community.
There are several avenues in which support can be provided for this important educational project:
A. Adopting an athlete and granting sponsorship and direct support to certain outstanding athletes in Hadassah Neurim that allows them to continue receiving what they need for professional success: participation in training camps and competitions abroad, professional, and advanced equipment, study scholarships, medical and scientific support.
B. Annual equipment support: purchasing of professional equipment that is essential for the professional success of the athletes and for the positive feelings of those who believe and invest in them. A financial donation regarding the equipment will allow us to continue to provide the athletes with the best conditions for success.
C. The athletics infrastructure – we hold international competitions in the Hadassah Neurim athletics stadium. Despite the high level of the stadium, we are interested in its improvement, including adding stands, improving the lighting system, improving the view (by planting trees).
D. Renovation of a professional gym (there is a project card {?} for renovating the gym).


Our donors include, among others:

Jewish Community of Houston, USA

EBI Investment House Company

  The Yaron family

Hermetic Foundation

Grundman Co. Ltd

Mr. David Turner

Hauden Insurance Agency

Matrix Company

The Israeli spirit

Jewish Agency – Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization

  The Israel Athletics Association

German Football Association DFB

Each donation is accompanied by a project card{?}, a regular report on the donation and contact with the athletes and the boarding school management, as well as a letter of appreciation or a donation plaque. The donations are recognized for tax purposes to the extent provided by law..

To contact us to start a community contribution project: Shiri,  Marketing Director: