Attractions Nearby

Emek Hefer is one of the only valleys in the country that also has its own beaches. In addition, Emek Hefer offers an interesting tourist mix of nature reserves, beaches, orchards and nurseries, dairies, micro-breweries, wineries, chocolateries, art galleries and small and interesting shops and restaurants in the surrounding moshavim..

Emek Hefer is situated on the coastal plain, in the northern Sharon region, between Netanya in the south and Hadera in the north, between the sea in the west and the Samaria mountains in the east.

Beaches, Parks, and Cultural tastings

Below are some of the attractions offered by the area:

  • Beit Yanai Beach, a beautiful, regulated bathing beach, part of the Nahal Alexander National Park complex, and Makamorat Beach, a lovely beach with clean golden sand and bays and a surf club offering a variety of water sports activities.
  • Nahal Alexander is one of the largest streams in the center of the country. Some sections of the river have undergone a restoration process in recent years in cooperation with the National Fund for Israel, the Nature and Parks Authority, the Ministry of the Environment, the Emek Hefer Regional Council, the community and other factors, and today there are several well-kept hiking and recreation centers along it.
  • The river Turtle Park and the Turtle Bridge: in the waters of the river lives a large and vital population of softshell turtles, a rare animal in Israel. The Turtle Bridge crosses Nahal Alexander east of the village of Kfar Vitkin and near it many individuals of softshell turtles gather. There are also seating areas and play facilities for children, a balcony for viewing the river and an observation tower.
  • Galleries such as the Kaltok Gallery and the Kibbutz Gallery for Israeli Art, the Jacobs Farm, Beit Yitzhak and Haniel dairies, as well as restaurants and cafes.