About the Boarding School

Hadassah Youth Boarding School, is the largest boarding school in Israel. About 350 teenagers aged 14-20 in the 9th-14th grades live and study here.

The boarding school is a social and cultural meeting place for young people from different regions of the country, different socio-economic backgrounds and different religions. Emphasis at the school is placed on the calendar and Israeli, social, religious, and cultural events are noted. Boarding school life is combined with group activities, classes, educational enrichment, lectures, shows and more.

The boarding school students live in groups with boys and girls of their age and manage the daily routine and the various events and activities with their group. Each group is accompanied by a team of instructors and a young team (soldier teachers and volunteers with a year of service). The staff is dedicated and committed, attentive and supportive, responding to the various needs of each student during his/her stay at the boarding school. In addition, each group has a social worker who provides both group and individual emotional therapy, as well as a training coordinator. The boarding school director knows every student personally and holds a regular weekly dialogue with all the students, and manages the day to day activities of the school.

During the year, the students spend several weekends together in the Youth Village, where emphasis is placed on the Shabbat atmosphere, spending time together with boarding school staff, other students, and having individual time for themselves. Every Shabbat the students enjoy a variety of activities, and even prepare and conduct activities themselves. Shabbat activities include Shabbat preparation, spending Shabbat together with students and in the Youth Village in a family atmosphere. The students also put on a show / activity with their groups (every Shabbat is a different group), a disco, a sports or other activity on Saturday morning that the students prepare, and a variety of other activities depending on the group and age.

During the year each group is required to produce village events and put on a show for the entire boarding school. In this way, trainees are given an opportunity to express themselves and develop diverse skills, such as: standing in front of an audience, project management, etc.

Boarding life is conducted in a safe and pleasant environment, on an amazing campus overlooking sea, near the Beit Yanai neighbourhood. The residences and grounds of the campus are lovely regularly maintained, both as part of the students’ daily routine and by a professional and skilled staff.

The residence is a safe, pleasant, and well-kept environment, the living conditions and economy are at a good level and are regularly maintained. Each group consists of 20-30 boys and girls, has a well-equipped clubhouse, high-speed internet, a well-kept kitchen with a coffee station and filtered water, and a living room equipped with equipment for activities, which provides a homely atmosphere that facilitates social gatherings. A modern television connected to cables is also available to the students

The students live with their teammates, in a room of 3-5 students in a room, with each group having common areas where they live together, social gatherings, group gatherings, etc.

The boarding school is coordinated with the needs of the students studying there, for example: providing a personalized and caring response to students with regular attendance problems, closing educational gaps in cooperation with the village school, building comprehensive personal plans and building an effective weekly routine. At the core of the educational concept of the Hadassah Neurim Youth Boarding School is the empowerment of the trainee’s personality and the development of a sense of competence, taking responsibility and painting a bright and positive picture of the future for every girl and boy.