Outstanding Athletes

Michael Levitan

Michael was born in Ukraine in 2001, he has a younger brother. Two years ago, he immigrated to Israel as part of the NAALE program, while his family remained in Ukraine. The day after his arrival in Israel, he already arrived for athletics training, because he was a professional boxer and wanted to continue developing his body. He fell in love with the hammer throwing event. Professionally, he won the 2019 Israel Youth Championship, with a result close to the personal best set 49.80 m at 6 kg.

Earlier this year he participated in an international training camp in Belarus and in an international competition there and finished in 4th place with a result of 53.98 m at 5 kg, a great improvement to his personal best. In 2019 in the first competition in the youth category with a hammer weight of 6 kg he set an excellent result of 49.80 m, a result higher than a result for an active athlete in the army.

Furthermore, Michael is also an outstanding student at school and got a graded honors certificate last year. Michael’s big goal this season is to break his personal record and set a result that will earn him the status of an outstanding athlete in the IDF so that he can continue to live in the village as a mature athlete and continue to train.

Emanuel Makonen

Emanuel Makonen from Beer Sheva, born in 2002. He arrived in the village last year and is currently studying in the 10th grade. In 2016 he won the Emek Hefer race for cadets and this year won 1st place in the Israel Championship for cadets in the 5 km road race. Emmanuel is currently training under coach Amir Ramon, and we foresee a bright future for him in the long runs in the coming years. rank and improve his personal results.

Gefen Shahar

Gefen was born in Israel in 2002, his family is from Kibbutz Ketura in the south. He came to Hadassa Neurim last year, in the 11th grade majoring in business management, after living for several years in the US in order to continue developing in athletics. From the first moment, coach Almiyahu recognized great potential in him and directed him to many achievements.

In the Israel Youth Championship in 5 km road races, he finished in 5th place. This year he began training under a very well-known coach, Amir Ramon, who works on behalf of the Emek Hefer Association, which Gefen represents. In this year’s Israel Championship.

Anna Aznaurova

Anna arrived in the village last year on the route of the NAALE program and almost from the first days she started training with coach Jenia in throws. Anna, born in 2004, last year was in competitions for 15-year-olds, won the silver medal in the shot put in the manager’s competition and won the silver medal in the Israel Cadet Championship in hammer throwing. Anna represents the Hapoel Emek Hafer association. We foresee a future rich in competitions and victories for Anna.