Educating the future generation of the State of Israe

Our top values
Communalism, responsibility, multiculturalism, meaningfulness, equal opportunities, sustainability and excellence.

Our vision
To be a rural educational community, a leader and a roadmap, guiding its students to become contributing, educated, involved and influential people in Israeli society.

Our mission
A leading youth village in its field, it is a warm and supportive home for diverse populations in Israeli society and embodies pedagogical innovation of sustainability and technology based on quality staff and enriching learning spaces.

The figure of the educationist in Hadassah Neorim
The educator at the Hadassah Youth Village is a person-loving person. Believes in his mission and actions, has flexibility and independence of thought and the ability to resolve conflicts through interpersonal communication, outlines a path with courage and humility for his framework, has a learner’s mind. and creates a supportive and safe environment for optimal growth and development of the trainee, all this while setting a personal example, respect and responsibility for his role.

The figure of the adult in youth Hadassah
An independent, curious, educated person, with a solid and correct world of values. Loves the country, has mental fortitude and a sense of responsibility for his actions and his future. which empowers the individual in addition to an understanding that we are part of a collective. Sensitive to his environment, understands that true acceptance is in giving and has in his network “matriculation alongside matriculation” a quality matriculation/technological certificate and an optimal personal matriculation in the form of a toolbox for civil life.

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