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Meet Hadassah Neurim

The Hadassah Neurim Youth Village, located between Netanya and Hadera, is sited on a magical cliff overlooking the sea.

The Village, founded in 1948, as an alternative site for the Ben Shemen Youth Village during the War of Independence, provides technological education to 446 pupils in grades 9 through 14 (In Israel, technological schools often offer post 12th grade education leading to degrees in practical engineering). Of these 425 pupils, 341 are boarding pupils and the other 105, external pupils.

Hadassah Neurim is a village rich in colors. The students come from all over the world, and the majority of the pupils are immigrants; about 30% of the pupils are immigrants from Ethiopia, and another 30% immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Most of these pupils, are from deprived families, and arrive in the Village with significant educational gaps.

The Village provides these pupils with a comprehensive educational solution, values based education, a strong emphasis on social activities and enrichment, and an enhanced educational atmosphere designed to create a supportive environment that encourages pupils to succeed academically.

Technological Vision

A National Technology Center to train youth and adults to become master craftsmen in the fields of motor vehicles and heavy mechanical equipment using the best and most updated technology available


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