Volunteer programs


Mentoring 1:1: once a week our student go to emc offices in Herzlia and study with volunteers math and English.

siemens10Surfing together: student and volunteers learn to surf together.
Exposure to high-tech industry: Na’ale student are attending Tours of high-tech centers around the country.
Leave a mark: the 12 grade student Perform projects on behalf of disadvantaged populations.
computer course
Tutoring in the village learning center


Siemens & Neurim patrol:
A group of the most senior employees teach students
how to navigate the desert and life.

Ruppin Academic Center

Marine Science
Tutoring in the village learning center
Girls Empowering
Ofek Program- ruppin Student will join three youths, in order to make contact, to know thoroughly the background data, social status and educational and put themselves achievable goal in academic

Partnerships in the field of motor vehicles and heavy mechanical equipment

Ministry of Education
Ministry of Defence, Armored Corps, Home Front Command
Jewish National Fund
Manufacturers Association
Builders Association
Paktor Foundation
Carasso Foundation
The Mayer Group: Volvo, Renault etc.
Champion Motors etc.


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