Due to their significant educational gaps, a number of our pupils suffer from a poor self-image and lack self-confidence.

All of the pupils who study in the Village choose to do so freely and Hadassah Neurim provides all of its pupils with everything they need to succeed and to leave the cycle of poverty – educational programming, holistic alternative therapies, and personal coaching and a wide variety of activities designed to broaden the horizons of these pupils.

Our dormitories provide a supervised residential solution for our pupils, and the school emphasizes each pupil’s strengths while recognizing and addressing their weaknesses.

Hadassah Neurim is a non-profit organization owned jointly by the Jewish Agency and Hadassah. In 2013 the School received recognition from the Ministry of Education for its work. About 93% of the pupils are drafted into significant military service.


כפר הנוער הדסה נעורים הוא קהילה חינוכית כפרית המשמשת בית חם לתלמידים, ולמחנכים כאחד. מיקומו הציורי של הכפר על צוק הנישא מעל הים התיכון מהווה מעטפת לחינוך לערכים, לאהבת האדם והטבע. חווית הלימודים בכפר מושתת על ראיה רבמקצועית בתחומי המדע והטכנולוגיה, במטרה להכין את בוגרינו להשתלבות מיטבית בחברה.

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