Over the last 5 years, there have been many changes.

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The number of pupils eligible for matriculation has increased 4 fold. The Na’ale program has grown from one class to four (one each in grades 9-12), as has the number of special education classes.

Technological education

Major changes have been made to the tracks being offered by the school which now lean toward technological education. The largest track is the “Vehicle” track, and the garages recently received a 2 million NIS refurbishment.

In the 2013-14 school year a heavy equipment track was introduced and Hadassah Neurim was chosen to be a model school by the Ministry of Education for technological education. The school also joined the Hezneck for Industry program which offers opportunities for pupils to obtain practical work experience while still in school.

The electronics and environment tracks have been improved and pupils in these tracks now participate in national and international competitions.

Learning center

The learning center is now a focal point for our pupils and we have raised funds as needed so that pupils who are suspected to have learning disabilities can undergo educational evaluations.about06


Hadassah Neurim now enjoys partnerships with both businesses and educational institutions. Cooperation with Ruppin Academic Center allows Neurim pupils to participate in courses for Marine Science Oriented Youth. Ruppin students also assist pupils in our Learning Center.

Cooperation with EMC involves several projects: nineteen 11th grade pupils are being tutored in math and English by EMC employees, and EMC is offering pupils in the electronics track courses in programming.

Na’ale pupils in 9th and 10th grades visit a number of high tech companies and meet with employees. Pupils in the electronics tack are also working with Siemens employees to build a wind turbine.

Historical venture stationed in the dining room lobby reviewing the village life from the beginning until today.


כפר הנוער הדסה נעורים הוא קהילה חינוכית כפרית המשמשת בית חם לתלמידים, ולמחנכים כאחד. מיקומו הציורי של הכפר על צוק הנישא מעל הים התיכון מהווה מעטפת לחינוך לערכים, לאהבת האדם והטבע. חווית הלימודים בכפר מושתת על ראיה רבמקצועית בתחומי המדע והטכנולוגיה, במטרה להכין את בוגרינו להשתלבות מיטבית בחברה.

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